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I hate "Surat Layang!"

Today I have seminar, at well known campus in my city. So after lunch, we been divided into few groups. I really hope one group with the others people besides my familiar member. In my opinion, when we mix around with the other person then we will be more better in communication and gain some knowledge. Direct to the point, there is one session we called "breaking ice". This is nonsense I think. It is because we already know each other so why should we ice breaking again and again.
Then what happen after that, I saw our speaker become boring. So what she did is she create one games we called "surat layang". So what I got after we create and show our expressed to others is, I got four letter. I think I got many than others. So what? Its complaint my fellow members....complaint about me. So ridiculous right. But the best about this games is we can improve ourselves. Because we know where is the weaknesses and which one is our strength. Ridiculous but good to know each others. So I should to say Thank You to people who sending me a letter.

Ok first letter is: You hardworking, committed but Don't talk too fast.

second letter is: Ella, you are very helpful person, I love to be friend with you forever. But, I wish you would  
                        always keep in touch with me. I mean, mingle around. Join friends hangout sometimes.

Third Letter is: Hi Friend, I'm very pleased to have you as my friend, you are very nice. But, u need to        
                       respective others.

Fourth letter is: You, hardworking, good listener, good behavior, but I want you to be helpful, work as a
                        team and share info.

ok let me evaluate all this letter. The 1st and 2nd letter is consider positive and 3rd and 4th is negative. I know all this author. But I just let them, it is because I positive person. So what point to argue. Positive thinking make me always a better person.

My observation today is, all speaker very good in time management, managing change, planning, and very smart people. I should say one of the speaker here because he is very credible and talented person. I mean Mr Alidin Lim from Public Mutual, he is good in everything, either in his religion, family, money, career and so on..meaning to say..he is the best, (my opinion). This is my observation for today.

Ok I think thats all...salam.


  1. never hate that person who was sending u "surat layang"..but hate her or his action..because we unable to change people, only they themselves can help them. What we can do is, advice them. ;p


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