Friday, December 31, 2010


Today is last day we in 2010. The single day in 2010 which is 31.12.2010..I have to stop wrote in this single last day. It is because I will start new page next coming day with new contents. What I've done during whole 2010 is very tough. Yes for me is really tough. 

I have to finish my study at the same time I have many subjects to finish. The whole 2 years I've study hard and plus SMART. All people doing this I think. If we have good combination both HARD+SMART I believe, the result is "SUCCESSFUL". Even though in businesses, all people work hard and doing very good. Mistake is mistake, we have to faced it. Will you become strong without challenges? Too many challenges we faced in this life until this last day in 2010. Why? It because LIFE. All people will have their own challenges, businessman, businesswoman, teacher, doctor, architect, pilot, even farmer. Yes! we called it LIFE. If you never experience it, don't called yourself human. WEIRD right..? Mistakes will make us more matured and learn something moments. That is why then couples called they memory 'we don't count time because all of the time is our memory'...yeah I believe all of you heard this. So don't wrong judges my point ok..I never mean you couples make mistake. NEVER..NEVER..NO. I never said this. Respect yourself, don't you have your own life, so why let yourself become LOW (MORALE) like that. RESPECT IS PART IN LOVE.

...........................................back to topic....:p.........................................

This year, I've completed the 5th stages my point of careers. Then It will continue until 2020. InsyaAllah. This my planning. Next year in May 2011 I will come to second final stages. The stages that I think will changes me a lot. Much changes I think. To get the scroll I have to become myself that is, struggle and never give up. This myself. 

LOVE? yes I've think about it too, but let me complete my planning first then I will think about it. InsyaAllah. If I have to get family then it will never stop my planning. It is present that Allah SWT send to me. There is no guilty in our life because all been set. (Allah SWT) 

Believe yourself my friend, be strong. Trust me, NOTHING IMPOSSIBLE IN THIS WORLD. Never forget pray and doa, so that everything we did get BERKAT.   

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