Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How to Avoid Writing Boring Blog Posts

You are wondering why the amount of visitors to your blog is not increasing or worse even your regular readers are fast turning into irregular readers. Design alone won’t increase amount of your readers, but what you should do is increase posts as many as you can. Readers won’t read bored story right? So what should you do is avoid the BORED story. What is the bored story? Owh, maybe until now you don’t know what the bored story is so you think whatever your posts an interesting or attractive

So what should we do to avoid boring posts??? Here are the tips just for you:
  1. Combine your story with your emotion so is called passionate…your topic will show the readers the way of you think. The creativity here is very important.
  2. Share other information about the posts. Don’t just simply say about the definition of your topic or impact and conclusion, be creative and make up your mind about the issues.
  3. Experienced is the great teacher you have. So what make you share the topic is your own experienced. Share you’re experienced dear…it might help your blog a lots.
  4. Avoid your blog become ads..ohhoo…can u imagine what is the purpose of your readers read your blog?? Are you trying to make a direct selling, networking business?? Of course not right…so be serious talk about your topic…don’t make trick with your readers. Even you yourself will not read the rubbish blog!
  5. Don’t say about sensitive issues…alert people around you. Yeah not only around you BUT your readers…be aware…once your readers found it automatically amount of yours visitor will decrease…  You are not artists why should do that… glamorous will drive you fanatical... that’s my point of view.

Good try dear..

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