Sunday, February 12, 2012

MASWINGS for Sabahan and Sarawakian

Hello everybody..this is myb for my research but not sure if I choose this..argh confused..

I just wondering why Sabahan and Sarawakian often used MASwings.. Is Sabahan and Sarawakian still "ulu-ulu"?? Do we still living in rural area?? This is not to humiliate MAS but small and narrow vessels (based on public) "macam sardin pula".. :p

But the answers might:

1) Cheap
2) Easy because it's only inbound journey and no need to used the large aircraft
3) Some people lazy to drive so they used MASwings to travel.
4) Create job opportunities for Sabahan. (Sabahan and Sarawakian semua kah workes tu ;p)..dunno la..he he

(Apologized to the offended especially the MAS itself, this is only for my studies purposes) 

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