Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Hi all..!

My first lens. 

Today (31st oct 2012) completely 2 month I use lens. Bravoo...

and today is the expired date of my 1st lens. 

will buy a new one. I'm a monthly contact lens user.

I can't suggest the best brands because I'm also first time user. But be careful when u buy ur lens. Don't buy from other than optical shop. Avoid RM10 lens. Read manual before u decide to used that lens. 

I+spec almost 20 years and it is not easy for me when I have to decide either use lens or not. 

I+lens = o.k. No problem. But there is sometimes I feel not comfortable myb 1st time. 

I+lens = use "sofLens" brands. Natural fit and all day comfort. If u bought lens, don't forget to buy the solution. My solution is suggested by them also.

I+lens = before buy lens make sure u take the eye exam. Because the degree for ur spec and for ur lens is different. 

I+lens = have to clean the lens case for every time u change the solution. Safety first. he he.

I+lens = avoid sleep with lens. 
(once upon a time; I always fall sleep 10-15 minutes everywhere, cannot!!) Safety first..he he

I+lens = avoid dust and make sure u wash ur hand before touch the lens. If not u will feel itchy on ur eyes. 

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