Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Dear Friends

Dear Friends,

We are friend. Yeah, you know it, even me also realized it. So my Dear Friend, I have few questions just to make you feel what I feel. I felt today is the worst day between us. 

So, if some of us betrayed our relationship, what should you do? What is your point of view toward me once you done the things? We are friend, I know sometimes we couldn't controlled what we had say, but believed you as my Dear Friend I always work on it so that our relationship always tight up.

My Dear Friend, now I realised, You not even respect our relationship, even hurt your friends. If you do so, would you get back the relationship as before? 

My Dear Friend, maybe I'm not so clever or beautiful like you, but you always make a fool on your friends. Everybody know you bright. But trust me, once you do that, you will lost your friend especially around you. Hope you read this. I'm tired put trillion trust on you, and I'm not gonna say I will hate you, because I won't lose you as my Dear Friend.  

But trust me, if I done something, some ways, sometimes and might hurt you, don’t ever forget on what you did on me. 


(forget my grammar, hope your understand on what I'm trying to say)

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