Saturday, December 15, 2012


Owh..think for a while....make sure you have the u get the answer??? No..
If I said Malaysians same size, I cannot say like that..Why?? I think you might have the answer... We a multi racial. So, how about India? Is all of them same height with Chinese and Malay? No ritgh.. First, we cannot put the characteristics of Malaysians...we have to believe this because our Miss Universe 2012 is naturally beauty..I don't know the truth if she done something but for me she is unique and naturally beauty..

Malaysians are all of shapes..size and colors..So could you readers tell me how pure Malaysians look like? Simple..we also cannot say how...culturally diverse make us very naturally beauty and unique in this world.. Go to outside country and see how them look to China..see how they look like...small eyes and cute right? Then we direct fly to UK..then what u see? with blue eyes and same height and cute too....all of them naturally awhite to others...Then how about Malaysians? Still no idea? Yes..this is Malaysians..we are very unique and only us know which race are we from....i love Malaysia..proud to Malaysia. 

even AFFSuzuki we lost 3-1..but Malaysians footballer is good. go! go! HARIMAU MALAYA..fight in next 2 years...

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