Monday, January 21, 2013

Kursus Disertasi

Hi all.

Just complete my Dissertation Courses. Honestly, I'm very tired, and I don't have enough time to rest. But do I have to complaint? NO. Because I'm the one who choose this way. Who I am: Ok I am the daughter of pension army and his beloved girl friend ex-teacher. I am also student who study Master. I am also a businesswoman, who doing well in door gift business. I am a business runner for my family business such as handicraft, sewing, small bosses for collecting house rental. I am also a workers for colleges that I contract with. More than 1 colleges I think. I am also freelance baby sitter for my siblings. I am also a teacher for my niece and nephew. The only not me is, I'm not wife to any body, but a "koibito" to someone. Conclusion, we are hamba Allah. Even I put hundred responsibility here, it will not same to our mother. So, what should we do is always give a precious gift to them, that is Al-fatihah.

My koibito said, don;t say sedekah al-fatihah, but always said hadiahkan al-fatihah.

I don't know what actually I want to write here. I'm tension now. I don't know which level.. My literature review not finish yet. Oh my lovely Prof... why did you said 30 journals is small amount..even 1-2 journal is big for me. How about 30 journals in 1 days? Oh, so proud on you. Jom clap ur hand to my prof.

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