Wednesday, February 20, 2013


As a researcher, it is normal to think different. I am also like others, that is wondering the purposes of education in our work environment. Perhaps no one of you misunderstood on what I gonna share with the readers. 

First of all, there are many employers even in private or public organization are struggling to further their studies. But, actually what is the main reason for this thing? 

  • Are they really looking for the certificate? 
  • Are they want to be someone? 
  • Are they want to look great? 
  • Are they want to be successful? 
  • Are they targeting something? 
  • Or are they actually a person doesn't want others have more than he or she?
This is not very serious matter but as a guide in our life on what is important of an education in our life. I just want to share this topic because it is suddenly come up in my mind. Perhaps happened in your situation but use your positive brain to think positive. Don’t ever thing negative, once you started thinking negative it will influence you always. always remember . I believe, we do need negative thinking but please don’t use too much. It will make you look older than your age. Or maybe you like look getting older than your age <smile>  

I think that’s all. Be positive. Assalammualaikum. 

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