Friday, May 31, 2013

Life (Part 1)

Assalammualaikumm readers. Topic for today is Jodoh or soulmate. But I changed it to LIFE.Some of you might have family by then some of u might not yet. So, this is your opportunity to discover what is the most important thing in yours but u didnt know. In one book that I have read few months ago, it give me strength to study more. Life is not so easy, I'm sure not even me everybody will always try harder to improve their finance matter, develop family better, increase sales weekly, served customer properly and so on. But what actually we want in oue life? Would you tell me what do you want now? number one; number two; number three; and so forth..make a short listing now... So how was your listing, did you manage to found in daily life? I pretty sure NO. But why I said so?? don't get me wrong, I just want you really understand what is you looking for in your life. First of all, we are looking for satisfaction. Next, we are looking for hapiness from the satisfaction, then we are actually looking for luxury life. Am I right? If no, then ask your self again. I am sure at least one aspect will be your priority. We are human, we cannot run from demanding something. Then we are human, we also cannot avoid for satisfaction in any cases. We are human, we cannot run from happiness. Grab any opportunity now, don't let others take it from you.But, the main thing is don't forget to pray. Just want to remind you, we are human, we need Him in oyr life, He will guide us everytime and everywhere.

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