Tuesday, July 23, 2013


My Happy Timetable.

Assalammualaikum wbt.

This is basically what I am doing everyday and for my future career. At morning I will be in the office doing my coordinating and clerical work. Starting Monday until Friday. From the beginning of Monday also, the business part is in there. My research is basically every night start at 8.00pm until 3.00am. Then I wake up early 5.00am to prepare daily life. My timetable started like this since 2012. It is because my decision to further my studies in Mastery level. Not only has that, my dream is achieved my PhD before or in 2020. I don’t care the title is. But to be sure, this is my strong ambition. I just want to be differ from others. I don’t want to be useless because I deserve to get the PhD. That is no worries as my daily life did not disturb my study and my business.  I’m happy because my very supportive family. The special person who is always proud of me is my mother. She is very happy with my achievement till today. She always prays for our success. Even for business, she always said, tomorrow we are going to have new order, please come back early and do promotion every minute.  My brother has their own business, selling gadget such as headphones online. While my sister have their own boutique and do sewing things. My second sister also very successful in consultation things. I hope all of us success forever from Dunai until Akhirat. Amin.

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